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Hello and welcome to star base Odyssey I changed the name  because 1 I thought  the name PEACE JEMS was kind of cheesy and second because i think star base odyssey sound cooler. #3 i need a cooler name for a cooler look

:::::Star Base news:::::

I have dropped the idea of having missions an crew bios here until further notice.

If you have sent in ships to be put in OMSY it will take me awhile to get them on there because its allot of work putting every thing on there.

Maybe possibly will have an rpg looking for any ideas and (free) help.

Got any cool images send them to me so i can put them on here.

starbase Odyssey version 2.0.1
last updated 8-11-1999

If you have any neat star trek images,sound or movies that I could put on here send them to

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???? Info on Star Base Odyssey ????
YEAR: 2399
NOTE: Star Base Odyssey does not really exsist in the star trek universe and some of the ships listed below do not exsit in the star trek universe.

Location? Alpha qudrant, not far from klingon space, near an newly discovered worm hole that leads into the center of the brier patch
Ships serviced here? mostly sciance and tactical ships. Like Prometheis , Nebuala , Galaxy , defiant, defaint 2, soverigian ,  Galaxy 2 , Nova and various others. SB Odyssey is capable of servicing all federation ships
Ships built here? Yes SB Odyssey can and does build ships for star fleet. SBO (SB Odyssey) mostly devlops new technolige and ships. Current ships being built here,Odyssey Class , Promtheisis 2, Apache class fighter, and Enigizer


This PADD (Personal Access Display Device) is a
 handy mechanism for
 navigation and data

AREA                          DESCRIPTION


This is where the ships are. 
Current Classes Available: 
Defiant, Galaxy , Sovereign .
Intrepid coming soon
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